Welcome to Faber Modern Classics. These are the stories that made us, a list of books to be discovered and re-discovered, read and re-read for years to come.

Faber & Faber has been publishing great works of modern literature since 1929. Now Faber Modern Classics curates a library of essential reading from our wealth of novels, poetry, plays and non-fiction.

A 25-year rule ensures that these are books that have stood the test of time, and carefully selected supporting material from our archive or specially commissioned new pieces will help attract an audience of students, collectors and curious new readers.

Faber Modern Classics launched in April 2015 and the books are published in paperback, with two tranches of titles released each year in perpetuity.

Faber Modern Classics - The List:

To mark the launch of the list and celebrate Faber’s distinctive history of jacket design Faber is also producing a beautiful box of 100 postcards featuring jackets from its archive.

Faber Classics postcards

Faber Modern Classics The books that made the modern age

Faber Modern Classics